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Who is Recruiter ?

A recruiter is someone engaging in recruitment, which is the solicitation of individuals to fill jobs or positions within any group, such as a corporation or sports team. Recruiters can be divided into 2 groups: those working internally for one organization, and those working for multiple clients in a 3rd-party broker relationship, sometimes called headhunters.

Best Practices in Recruitment

Planning :
Normal practice we have is as the requirement/req comes we jump on sourcing resumes. Any time we have either studied what is the job description or try to find job description is all about .Most of our time we spent on hitting on the wrong candidate or just a sake satisfaction of submitting resumes . This is a total disaster for the client and the consultancy firms. Client is not a person who looks all the dirt.PLS DONT TAKE CLIENT FOR GRANTED BECAUSE HE IS COOL....."NOTHING HE IS JUST WATCHING U CLOSELY..... "
To solve this here is the list of process
1) Study the requirement fully.If you dont have proper Job Description find from Google or from other job sited where they gave detailed \Job Description
2) Look on the Job Description for the key words and write it in a piece of paper dont loose it as it is a saving face of you and also help you shortlist profiles faster not taking a lot of time as your traditional process
3)This keywords you can use it as search strings when using search for potential candidates...
4) Prepare an Ms-Excel Sheet as Candidate format ,I believe all companies has in this mention all the technology of that requirement,Years of relevant experience ,Self Rating etc .Pls do it for each and every requirement and dont carry away as template because you might loose a matching candidate to unmatched candidate in this skillset summary .
5) You can send this skillset format and Basic candidate format to all your potential and active candidates. It reduces lot of calls with the candidate if he is other locations .....

For example if I get a lot of calls from headhunters who service in Chennai,India I live in Mumbai , which is a very faraway location and may not be interested to move because of scope,interest,environment. It is reasonable to call a potential candidate that live in Chennai or near to, it is unreasonable to call one that live in Mumbai,Kolkatta. Please familarize yourself with the people whom you can approach as u know we do whole nine yards and the candidate after taking offer letter and he backs out with a shock.
In this your client or the candidate is not going to worry only you and me and our company is in shock of the back out.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could tell me a little more about a position other than some abstract statement such as "it is a financial services company in the Bangalore" or some other generic description. After all, the odds are pretty good that it would be anyway since 90% of all companies in the North are financial services companies. We understand you need to protect your information, but a little more information would be useful. Financial services is a catch-all word. How about telling us if it is a bank, mutual fund company, insurance, mortgage, wall street investment, etc and of course its approximate location.

Simply, I work for a world-class organization who pays well and takes great care of their employees. Why would I want to make a lateral move? On the remote chance I ever considered it, it certainly wouldn't be for money. Don't tell me the job title, tell me about what the position entails and the culture of the company. I want to know if they are business casual, how they maintain a work-life balance, do they use and contribute to open source, and in your own words why you believe they are better to work for than my current employer.

Contact Information:
One of the more annoying aspects is when a headhunter calls and doesn't leave a direct dial number. Usually if they leave a main number with an extension then I am usually suspect as to how urgent they want to fill this position. When calling also leave your email address. Sometimes your candidates are in all-day meetings but may be able to shoot you a quick message from their cell phones.

It would also be helpful to know if you are exclusive for the position. In today's job market when the req is given to multiple recruiters, it almost always results in the same individual being called by multiple recruiters. Candidates if they had their paperwork submitted by multiple recruiters will more often than not be rejected by the hiring company. Even for candidates that have no interest in the position or have to spend lots of time hearing about something they already know. I had a friend who lives in Bangalore and was shopping around. He literally got back-to-back calls from six different recruiters for the same position

What is Internet Recruiting ?
Internet recruiting and human resources automated systems are integral to the staffing strategy of every company, in virtually every economic sector. Increasingly, job seekers are turning towards job portals, company websites, and even online news paper classifieds for job openings or job searches. Conversely, recruiting companies and consultants’ world over are depending upon the online medium for advertising their requirements, venue of interview/recruitment etc alongside the approximate pay packet. In short, it has become sort of inconceivable for the people on both sides of this equation.

The biggest advantage with recruiting online is its pace and reach. From a prospective job seeker’s perspective, finding the right job opportunities in such job sites and applying for it is just a matter of few mouse clicks or few seconds. Gone are the days of sending resumes by post, and waiting for an interview call, again through post. With internet recruiting, such long drawn delays are totally eliminated. If some company shortlists a particular resume, the person concerned will get the call up through email or telephone. In other words, the candidate in context could know in less time if his/her resume stands a chance or not. Further, with internet recruiting websites, one could easily search and apply for many jobs online at a time, without having to leave from a single browser window.

From a recruiter’ perspective, internet recruiting provides the penetration that most conventional methods traditionally lacked. It not only lets the job seekers know about the latest openings, and different openings, but also let them understand in detail the profile the company is looking for. By doing so, it enables the company to receive only relevant applications, thereby lot of time in sorting the resumes. When coupled with automated human resources system, the process becomes still faster and robust, as everything from sourcing, screening, grading, and recruiting could now be done from a centralized computer terminal with minimal amount of paper and administrative work.

Internet recruiting and human resources integration, recruiting managers could devote more focus and energy on the mission critical aspects of HR management than having to waste time over mundane paper works and usual administrative tasks. In fact, the role of human resources systems extends beyond recruiting and this includes other corporate activities such as tracking employee performances, making appraisals, managing salary and wage rates, tracking leave entitlements, financial reporting, and facilitating employee management in general as well. In short, such a system not only cuts costs but also save time in a big way.

To sum it up, internet recruiting and human resources system streamlines the recruitment process and post recruitment administration like never before. It is fast, robust, easily manageable, saves time and cost, and above all let the managers focus on their job better.


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very true...i guess if most recruiters just observe these basics it would go a long way in bettering the not so enviable reputation job seekers have of recruitment agencies today....

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For the basic purpose the recruiter takes his time to understand the requirement and deliver the right potential to the client rather on doin mango shooter approach

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What a hr expect when ask “any question from your side”?

Why some company does not taking correspondence student?
My current ctc is 4 lpa how much maximum ECTC say?

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