Thursday, December 13, 2007

Getting people through Passion !!!!

Being a recruiter finding people is a major challenge. It may be either right guy or wrong guy but our prima focus of getting people is a big task first when we get requirements from our dear clients ….
but they are people who are not in recruitment or not trained in recruitment always have people on hand- Who and How ??

The people like small shopkeepers ,traders, travel agents always get people whether customers or employees .I never felt any of my next door vegetable vendor went to any recruitment agency for getting his people ….

“All his life he got his men through word of mouth or bring people from his native etc .”

To give me more reality I tell my experience which I had last week when i visited travel agency to get flight tickets, While collecting my tickets I found one ticket booking guy desk is flooded with resumes I waited till he has sorted the resumes I went and chat casually with him initially he was little reluctant and gradually he become comfortable with me ,he mentioned about the resumes on his desk .This travel agency does overseas placements like Middle East, Africa etc. I asked him what kind of opportunities does he get as most consultancies does recruitment for overseas He does for the labourers in construction ,Housekeeping positions in Hotels and Nurses positions in Hospitals in Middle East countries.
Regularly they get the requirements and fill them properly and the most important fact is
"till now their travels didn’t cheat any person ".
This is really good discussion I had with him ..and made me to THINK …….??

That’s really surprising and exciting what makes the guy does more placements then recruiters like us and we all know lot of scandals happens in travel agencies then in consultancy firms

Something sparkling on the Travel Desk Guy is PASSION ……

See how he does recruitment with passion
(Pls find in bold italics for recruiter understanding)

i) He knows the candidate biography and his/her family well
Hitting the bulls eye ,the candidate never bounce out of the recruiter

ii) Interacting with the candidates over letters or through candidate friends frequently so he gets prepared with new candidates for the positions that are about to be disclosed by the client or getting the selected candidates to be flown to the client site
- Close follow ups with the candidate,simple to say watch his/her moves like
a spy

iii) He has big network of sub agents all over India to get people on the massive range
– Networking ,self explanatory

iv) Understands the psych of the candidate which helps him to negotiate the salary and agreements
– Check the candidate is he Suspect or Prospect !!!!

v) He listens to candidates talking carefully.
- Listening with attention ,word by word by the candidate just like CBI person

vi) He helps the candidates family when in need of financial or personal support
– This is a rare scenario in recruiter's part

Does we do the same process or we don’t ?

Yes I would say we do all the same things and much more that travel agent has done except financial support to his family like that very few occasions….
Nowadays PASSION has become a buzz word in Management or in our personal life.

“This is the one word we keep hearing and forgetting !!!! ”

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