Friday, April 4, 2008

Offering from Oracle HRMS –iRecruitment Module for Recruiters

Oracle Corp. the world''s largest enterprise software vendor, has announced the availability of Oracle iRecruitment, a new module for the Oracle(r) Human Resources Management System (HRMS), a key component of the Oracle E-Business Suite. Oracle iRecruitment is a full-cycle recruiting solution focused on the manager-recruiter-candidate hiring relationship that fully automates the entire recruitment process.
The integration of Oracle iRecruitment with the Oracle HRMS and Oracle E-Business Suite allows users to leverage existing capabilities delivered by the Oracle E-Business Suite while taking advantage of the functionality created by this new offering.
Oracle iRecruitment delivers to both managers and recruiters the ability to manage all aspects of the recruiting cycle via a self-service interface
These functions include the ability to:
- create requisitions;
- define job postings for internal and external publication;
- attract and search for appropriate candidates;
- manage applicants through the entire interview and selection process;
- submit job offers to candidates;
- automate the entry of new hires into the Oracle HRMS, with no re-entry of data, following
offer acceptance
Oracle iRecruitment also allows internal and external candidates and applicants to submit, monitor and progress their application through the Oracle iRecruitment candidate portal.
These include searching and applying for jobs, specifying match criteria and creating alert mechanisms for future opportunities, maintaining a profile or resume for application purposes, monitoring and progressing applications through the recruitment cycle, reviewing and responding to offers extended and completing necessary details to finish the hiring process. Another key capability available within the application is the ability to relate the evaluation of hiring successes to organizational recruiting techniques through a common performance assessment process. This allows users of Oracle iRecruitment to continuously improve their processes to achieve a high standard of hiring practices. Additionally, Oracle iRecruitment delivers multiple integrations to third party applications.
These include the ability to initiate and review background checks during the recruitment cycle, post job opportunities to external job boards through the HR-XML standards and extract candidate details from electronic documents (i.e resumes, cover letters, etc.) to create candidate profiles. "Oracle iRecruitment is the industry''s first complete solution for managing the entire recruitment cycle process from end to end with full integration to Oracle HRMS and the Oracle E-Business Suite.
Furthermore, Oracle iRecruitment delivers easy to use interfaces that enable managers, recruiters and candidates to efficiently and effectively fill opportunities while reducing costs and delays in the hiring process."

Oracle has alliance with Mohomine, Inc., a leading provider of software for integrating text into enterprise applications. The integration offers mutual customers a streamlined process that reduces the number of resources needed to reformat and enter resume data during the recruiting cycle, thereby ensuring valuable talent is not lost in the process. Integrating with Oracle9i(r) iRecruitment, a key component of Oracle's Human Resources Management System (HRMS) and the Oracle E-Business Suite, enables Mohomine to deliver resume content parsing for documents written in various styles and formats from within a single human resources environment.
Mohomine is extremely pleased to be able to offer Oracle's customers our industry-leading resume extraction technology," said Neil Senturia, chairman, at Mohomine. "Most often the success of a company is dependant on its ability to hire new and valuable talent to remain cutting-edge. We are pleased that Oracle recognizes this, and sees the importance in extending our technology to their Oracle HRMS customers."

The diversity of resumes creates several problems for organizations including costly manual data entry, long turnaround time for data capture, poor online application experiences for candidates, and lack of access to pertinent data. These prohibitions result in high costs associated with processing hardcopy and online resumes. Mohomine's Resume Extractor™ automates and simplifies the process of attribute extraction from resumes by utilizing state-of-the-art pattern recognition technology with "learning-by-example" techniques from within a single system environment.

The Oracle and Mohomine solution reduces the manpower, time and costs it takes to identify valuable candidates and is able to:
- Accept various input formats including Word, PDF, Text, HTML, RTF and email/POP access; - Output resumes into parsed XML, using HR-XML standards;- And, integrate easily with Oracle iRecruitment through the Internet "Oracle iRecruitment offers an end-to-end recruitment process that enables managers and recruiters to identify the best candidates," said Joel Summers, senior vice president, HRMS product development, Oracle Corp.

"The combination of Oracle iRecruitment and Mohomine Resume Extractor greatly enhances the end-user recruitment experience by simplifying and automating the resume processing aspects of candidate profiles."

Resume Mirror :
Is a Certified Partner in the Oracle Partner Network. By collaborating with Resume Mirror, Oracle is able to offer its HCM customers multiple ways to simplify their recruitment process and help ensure the data collected from resumes is accurate, timely and reliable. As collaboration software, EAM helps an Oracle HCM customer further leverage their investment. Adding EAM to either PeopleSoft eRecruit/Candidate Gateway or Oracle iRecruitment reduces costs, increases organizational productivity, improves data quality / security and enhances an organization’s ability to compete for top performers in a tight talent market.
  • Validated Software Partner for iRecruitmentResume Mirror’s Enterprise Applicant Manager (EAM) solution integrates with Oracle iRecruitment. EAM helps enterprises identify top talent by structuring applicant information from the full range of submission methods—fax, e-mail, paper and Web forms—into a standard format for automatic data exchange with Oracle.
  • Validated Software Partner for PeopleSoft eRecruit / Candidate Gateway Resume Mirror’s Enterprise Applicant Manager (EAM) solution integrates with the PeopleSoft eRecruit portal v8.8 and 8.9. EAM helps enterprises identify top talent by structuring applicant information from the full range of submission methods—fax, e-mail, paper and Web forms—into a standard format for automatic data exchange with PeopleSoft.


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hi bob
you seem very experienced in HRMS ,
actually i am use this system but not very well but if can u help me in sending something can let us use this system very well
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Sorry for my bad english. Thank you so much for your good post. Your post helped me in my college assignment, If you can provide me more details please email me.

Anonymous said...

From a candidate's point of view this system is shockingly bad. Pages fail to load in less than several minutes and it is nigh impossible to see what questions you are going to be asked before committing yourself. I am an HR professional attempting to use this system and I have to say it would be quicker to drive my application over to the organisation concerned. it's only 250 miles away.

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