Monday, October 20, 2008

Web 2.0 e-Recruitment

When Internet Recruiting 1.0 was >>>
- Resume Databases
- Job Postings
- Corporate Websites
- ATS Technology

Internet Recruiting Web 2.0 is now
o Data Portability
o Social Media
o Wireless
o The Long Tail
o Meta Search and Deep Web
o Open Source
o Social Networks
o Word of Mouth

Internet Recruiting Trends
The Social Web
Talent Communities
Recruiting Conversations

Information Management is based on
Pulling ,
Digging, Hacking

Which involves
v Workforce Planning
v Candidate Profiling
v Employer Branding
v Sourcing Strategy
v Screening/Assessment
v Candidate Assessment
v On boarding/Engagement
v Performance Management
v Retention Programs

Data is
Ø Ownership
Ø Privacy
Ø Security
Ø Compliance
Ø Integrity

Cyber Sleuthing is based on
v Research
v Competitive Intelligence
v Candidate Sourcing
v Screening

Tools and Technology holistically used to

- Resume Extraction

- Job Distribution

- Widgets & Gadgets

- Sticks & Stones

Is the future bright for Web 2.0?
Without doubt the way people recruit and hunt for jobs is changing rapidly. Job seekers have greater access to more jobs, and, recruiters have greater access to more candidates.
But does all this change mean that employers will more easily find more of the right candidates to fill job posts and that job seekers will more easily find the right jobs to help them lead a fulfilling career?

But what will happen when Google and Microsoft provide Word or equivalent as a free web based package. At that point, it would mean that pretty much every CV becomes web based, indexed and searchable, assuming of course permission is granted. But permission of course will be very simple and in some cases, people will not even consider the implications of this. Google and Microsoft will I am sure make sure that people do not make personal information public but by doing this, people will become more trusting – and so they should!!
So, we move from X million to X zillion CV’s available on the web. This then creates two recruiting opportunities.
Recruiters will be able to do more searching and find genuine passive candidates.
The search engines will be able to match jobs to people in lots of ways.
Say for example you are happy for Google to market your details for very specific job related searches by recruiters. We could end up with Poogle, the (vertical) people search engine [OK, it’s a crap name], complete with Adwords that show best-matched people. And maybe the recruiter will have to pay to click on the ads; maybe the person will pay to market themselves. Maybe the recruiter pays to download contact details only once they have seen further details; a myriad of options as ever.
Much talk about Web 2.0, many opinions about what will happen, but plenty of ideas from many places.


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