Saturday, March 27, 2010

How good/bad use of effective Job Description/Definition

I have been seeing everyday lot of recruiters posting job ads in job boards,group,social networks without any proper job description/jd.I wonder it would be possible for them to get right profiles...

Yes,their is always people in recruitment who won't agree as most think to submit resumes (Doing courier delivery,post man job of sending resumes to the client mail box) and some say,yea i got resumes through one line job posting as one line.Is this a creative way of recruitment.
Nope.It is not..

I feel most recruiters don't get into research in job/skill before posting.It shows how lazy recruiters they are,by this they can escape day but it will not cut ice,most profiles get rejected because of

1) job description is not clear,so you get junk resumes
2) candidates they say they have but doesn't have,recruiters are clueless to ask right questions to determine he/she is right fit
3)Recruiters don't understand job description or take time to research on it

Here is, of course, an argument that says what does it matter what you post? After all, people don’t read the ads anyway. Apparently they just scan them for job title, salary and location and then hit the ‘apply’ button. But what kind of candidate doesn’t actually read about the job they are applying for? The desperate? The ones with no eye for detail? The ones devoid of decent listening skills? Certainly not the good quality ones I would wager. But then so many recruiters make it difficult to want to read their job advertisements in the first place because they are just so deathly dull and boring. Particularly the ones that seem to think that a job description IS a sales tool.

I firmly believe that when it comes to advertising, any advertising, you get out what you put in. If recruiters let their people blindly cut and paste job descriptions and fire them scatter gun style then yes, they will get a response, but it will invariably be of extremely poor quality – and that will apply whether you put it on a job board or a link to it on a social media site.

Allure, intrigue, excitement, opportunity, challenge and reward, the feeling that the ad is talking to the job seeker, personally - all are essential ingredients to anyone who wants to get a good response from their recruitment advertising.

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madhu said...

Hi! Bob,
You doing great job. Really thankful for such great info here.

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