Sunday, July 11, 2010

How to Search profiles in FaceBook ????- Hard and Sweet Search

It's been time i 'm away out of blog for sometime attending work activities.One day i was using Facebook,my recruiter thought starts using search ,hurray it works out and want to share the same on Facebook.Before i start here some titbits about Facebook

Facebook is one thing not more searchable as like Linkedin,but really helps when your are out of search, facebook comes like small dagger when you want to continue fighting the search.It may look strange why i say this because here patience needs more in searching .Here you can use any of search ways

1) Co Worker Search

2) Profile Search

3) Yahoo’s Link domain Search

As caution,never give your search practices saying facebook is not good.I would say it helped me when i put my mind and action in getting not a candidate and facebook has groups where you be member immediately not like Linkedin groups waiting for some moderator give yes or no as your life is on owner/moderator hands.This one i hate in Linkedin as if i leave my life to some owner whether to give accept/reject on group .In that way Facebook is friendly and open to access except very little groups needs permission otherwise very friendly.And secondly i want to give more joy to you.Facebook is bundle of passive candidates,only thing needed is persistence and be friendly to get people .Always have attitude when sourcing in Facebook

Not to disturb on my talk on my facebook happiness .Let talk Search here ....

1) Co Worker Search
This is a basic search interface,you can specify a company and search for “coworkers,” even if you’re not employed at the company you are searching for. Simply enter a company that you suspect might employ people that you would like to target.

2) Profile Search
This is advanced search interface you get more fields to search, but you are limited to searching only your “networks and friends,” OR people you can “see” that live in the same area that you specified on your Facebook profile – even if it’s only in the “Education and Work” section of the “Info” tab of your profile.

Notice “where they work” – it is very important to realize that many people do not fill in their address on the “Contact Information” section of their profile on Facebook (I didn’t), and if they do, they can choose to make it so that only the people they specifiy can see it (which probably won’t be you if they don’t know you and you’re not already “friends”).

3) Yahoo's LinkDomain Search
Here one more search adds with you in Facebook is Yahoo search.t’s certainly a nice feature, but if you want to specifically search for and target people on Facebook, Yahoo has a much more effective search capability – linkdomain.

Yahoo’s linkdomain command allows you to search for and find websites/pages that link back to a specified site. For example, we can leverage Yahoo’s linkdomain functionality to search for websites/pages that link back to Facebook groups and pages.

Let your imagination and creativity run wild – using Yahoo’s linkdomain search functionality you can target Facebook groups of minority groups, industry groups, skill groups, etc.

I found some interesting on Facebook but also wish you recruiters try your hand on facebook and share your experience . My favourite is on Profile Search because its easy to see smiling faces more then Linkedin profiles
with no smiles/artificial smiles including my profile ...:)



Anonymous said...

Nice post and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you for your information.

Recruitment Software said...

It never came across my mind that I could use the Yahoo's link domian, clever stuff :)

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