Saturday, September 4, 2010

Which is better ? AI Resume Match or Human Searching ????

We have been as Recruiters using searches using strings,operators,names,location,companies for our sourcing practices.

With wide spread of ATS software or third party software to reduce our
load of searching resumes and going downtime in getting matching/to be matched resumes by this softwares.

Is it Man Vs Machine kind of approach going on ...
 Does it benefit or doom and secondly questions are they really 100% match correct-still the definition of 100% accuracy is not been defined yet ,but it happens it certain times not always.I have been able to find key points where AI goes high or certain times AI is not so good..

Let start here on basics

A software doesn't think on it own .let say for example a easy skill
"C++ Developer".A ATS will take this two words gives search results of 10,000.
But if it like this a role of "Argus Clinical Trial Manager",it would give resumes of 5000 with like this

1) A person working on Argus tool
2) A Manager working on clinical department
3) Some doctors/technicians
4) Few resumes matching on this skill

So all together you get 5000 resumes ..This is what is AI does.This is an recent example which i m showing ,it was fighting between me and ATS
I can't conclude saying ,ATS is not really worth,but it is worth if we and ATS go hand and in hand ,they are some easy junkies recruiters make their life easy like saving search strings in ATS which works for 24 hrs and throw resumes ,in this any recruiter out of his luck or God's will get valid profiles and closes the day saying "I'm top notch recruiter" and i bless you all with my strengths....
   In my early days of my recruitment career, i have seen recruiters closing positions like this and company looks at him as GOD of recruitment,i used to wonder how these guys done,ya agreed it is smart way of recruitment but it is a way of  laziness on recruiters they can't help other recruiters when they face challenge or experiement with search strings,

 All these things had made to write this blog for recruiters.I'm happy to you all the recruiters who have been supporting me on this blog and i feel i have some space in heaven because this blog has helped some recruiters too...  :)

 A valid point here is Matching resumes is equally fraught with issues. Two candidates of similar skills, experience, and capability often have very different resumes. After all – the people we are looking to hire are not professional resume writers, nor should we expect them to be. Experienced sourcers and recruiters can “read between the lines” using cognitive processes and interpet resumes for skills, experience, and capabilities that are not explicitly mentioned in the resumes. This is something that an AI matching application may claim to do, but is hard pressed to prove. Let’s remember – AI matching apps can only work with text they are given – both the example resume or job description and the resumes it searches for. Although the people who program these applications can draw relation between multiple words/terms that can represent the same thing, they cannot possibly account for the unpredictable variety of ways in which a person can express – explicitly or implicitly – skills, experience, and capability.

This is what i said above with an example .

But one thing you should always keep in mind is that that all of these vendors with AI matching engines are SELLING you a product. They know that creating effective Boolean search strings can be hard to learn so they want to sell their solution as something that relieves sourcers and recruiters of having to run searches to make matches.

In my opinion, an ideal solution for most staffing organizations would include a resume/candidate database/ATS with BOTH a fully configurable search interface that supports full Boolean logic and ideally extended Boolean (with at the very least configurable proximity and variable term weighting), AND an AI matching engine – not one at the expense of the other. AI resume and job matching is great, but it is not a magical solution that replaces the human cognition of talented sourcers and recruiters. While AI matching apps may help junior recruiters, or those people who simply aren’t “wired” to run Boolean searches, it is not something anyone or any staffing organization should trust with making all of their matches. That would be scary!

This are all my views on AI and Human ,i may be right not right too ,do share your experiences on this which helps recruiters as whole .....

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