Saturday, November 13, 2010

How fastness are we in getting profiles through Social Media Network ?

Using social network is becoming a buzz work to all recruiters at any point of discussion either on having coffee or at the meeting desk,how many resources are we able to get through Linkedin,Twitter ,Facebook etc.

         Their was a time when i was working on challenging role,it was skill which is not on portals,and it really took time ,i used to be approached  my colleagues,boss anytime of the day on this subject believing in me i do great stuff on this skill,even i believed the same ...i had a word saying "Still my search on " which was hard pressing for me to say that because i used to get profiles through linkedin  on most skills and this time was making me really hard on meand i have look myself why it is not working on me ,bit of luck needed to get these profiles,
On my searched and research i found through Linkedin that i was able to understand about other global locations on these resources,earlier i was focusing on one location but the response from other locations makes me to understand where their is large number of resources to be tapped on similar skill in other countries and need to think ways and means to bring them  ..This is what ultimate power of Social Media Network.

Social Network is used for 

       - Analyze
      - Strategize
      - Attract the talent

Challenges in Social Network   on candidate Response time :
By social network when posting ,recieving resumes takes time from 1 hrs to 365 hrs depends on the need and attractiveness of job posting, i still remember inspite of attractive posting and explaining role,i used to get negative responses,one thing we all should understand social network is not job portal ,is more of network site and we are try to understand how many resources are mapped in those technology,is purely on knowledge basis
But most recruiters started using as portal to get resumes and don't understand we are building relationship or network ,simple terms we are building new friends.

Building friends as old saying "Your planting a seed and it has grow as per nature to become tree and not planting a tree and growing  next day as recruiters thinks ",u post a job and next minute we are filled with resumes in our inbox,
Please and always keep in mind:Social Networks sites is not job sites,it has timelines  and all it needs patience and continous job posting,we all have habit from portal,post once and relax,when you are posting in Linkedin,keep it has habit,you need to post a job minimum a 3 times and max is 6 times in a day of every job posting,if you do like that as an habit you will get resumes ,otherwise it is not good tool for any recruiters,i meant it when you are posting jobs in Post jobs section and not in Inmail section,if you do continous mails to same person he puts you under spam list,we have to be careful on this,never post multinple times to candidate directly through inmails,he wont reply back again

So next time when you are using Linkedin etc,keep in mind we are building good relationship and not pulling resumes....

Enjoy Sourcing...........


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