Saturday, December 11, 2010

Understanding Technologies before hand

Today scenario of every job role,the intense need of resource need either internal recruitment or agency recruitment,speed to fill resource is so desperate ,most recruiters wants to fill it ,miss out lot of potential candidates .

Their were lot of times i used to get recruiter calls for SAP BI positions /Oracle Apps positions asking my interest ,which i look puzzled on whether recruiter had my profile on read/ don't read through the profile .
They miss the whole profile due to this  search key Ctrl+F key

It is so novice on recruiter part,we can't say that only junior recruiter do like this mistake,in my personal opnion even ,more experienced in recruitment do these blunders,claiming they are smart in recruitment.This is what we call tragic recruiter/doomsday recruiter who is wrongly placed in recruitment industry.

 Let me share my experience on this , i don't know whether the person who called me said he worked as Senior role in Recruitment department in large organization couldnt distinguish between recruiter profile to Oracle HRMS profile,what he lacked is ,he didnt research what is Oracle HRMS and secondly what job Oracle HRMS Functional Consultant role is  .What hurts me that he is setting bad example to other recruiters too in not reading through the profile or researching it

 He called me for this role and he claims that i have 5 yrs of experience e in Oracle HRMS seeing my profile,never i claimed myself  to understand myself i m in recruitment not a Functional consultant and it took more then 15 mins to explain him what im and not functional consultant. 
    Now i feel it's time to tell you what is Oracle HRMS all about for recruiters to understand .Do reply if you want any more clarifications on Oracle HRMS ,i will help you...

Here i will tell you what Oracle HRMS is all about .

" Oracle HRMS is ERP tool of Oracle Apps/Oracle Applications which handles Human Resources domain . In this it has these below  modules
1. Core HR
2. Payroll (Includes Standard Benefits )
3. Adavnced Benefits (OAB)
4 Talent Management (Performance Management)
5 Oracle Time and Labour(OTL)
6. Oracle Learning Management(OLM)
7 iRecruitment
8. Self Services HR(SSHR)"

Current version of Oracle HRMS  is 12i, very few companies in the world have completed successful implementation of Oracle

HRMS 12i and others are in the process of implementing this version .

As recruiter .Need to check if the candidate is Oracle HRMS 12i Functional Consultant

1) He/should have experience in AIM Methodology(Application Implementation Methodology)
 It is defined as "A methodology is a set of guidelines or principles that can be tailored and applied to a specific situation."

2) This are set of process Functional consultant follows in the project,need to ask for
 a) BP-Business Process
 b) RD-Requirement Definition
 c) BR- Business Requirment Mapping
 d) TA-Technical Architecture
 e) MD-Module Design & Build
 f) CV- Data Conversion
 g) DO-Documentation 
 h) TE-Business Sytem Testing
 i) PT-Performance Testing
 j) AP- Adoption & Learning
 k) PM-Production Migration
 l) CRP-Conference Resource Pilot,CRP1,CRP2
 m) Final Delivery of product

From now on as recruiters can distinguish who is Oracle HRMS Functional consultant is always .

This is what Research in Recruitment or R-in-R process.
     If you have prepared yourself well,battle is half won in finding candidates .

Keep it as habit of researching skills before you start sourcing profiles or might wasting time in talking to wrong candidates....


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kiran kumar said...

Balaji, happen to find ur articles via search. I am very impressed to see a techsavy HR guy around. I like your article "Applicant Tracking system" published in 2007. By now i am sure it is out dated. Can u please update the article with 2010 in context.
Do u have any info on what happend to flashrecruit(vectronics)?

Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel

Anonymous said...

I like it whenever people get together and share thoughts.
Great blog, keep it up!

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