Sunday, February 13, 2011

Make a Difference when getting passive candidates either Job Description or Job Ad

We all post jobs but we always find difficult in getting matching candidates to the role because we miss one thing the difference on Job Description and job Ad

We don't realize this ,differnece between Job Ad and Job Description :

Job Ad - , Marketing collateral used to attract applicants to a job opportunity.

Job Description : It is a business document created for internal use (i.e., candidate assessment, legal compliance, performance reviews, etc).

The problem is that everybody is posting job descriptions and nobody is posting job ads. That’s why cyberspace abounds with dull job requirements and is devoid of compelling job          opportunities. Is it any wonder the response rate from “quality” candidates is so dismal?                   

It’s like a business trying to attract customers with its market analysis instead of with a demographically targeted and creative advertising campaign. How effective would that be?

Here are the three kinds of challenges we have here of posting job descriptions instead of job ads:

a) The Dry  List of to do more than what it excited to do...
b) A Blind Format
c) Targeting All/Unknown Audience

These things are done are not done only beginner recruiter,it is done by experienced recruiters out of desperation to fill candidates,because we stop our right brain thinking and using left brain to do this....  I mean creativity is lost that is why we miss the boat

Let me explain what is all about in a detail

The Dry  List of to do more than what it excited to do. :
 Job descriptions read like an arduous  list for what employers want and say nothing at all about what career-minded individuals want. The high caliber of talent you want to hire is not inspired by boilerplate job descriptions and endless bullet points of must-have requirements. While requirements are an essential component of a job description, they have no place in a job ad. I have covered this topic in great depth in my post aptly titled

-A Blind Format
The format of a traditional job description doesn’t pique the curiosity of passive candidates. The most important decision-making criteria to them are nonexistent or only vaguely hinted at. It requires a herculean effort in reading between the lines to speculate how having the job might translate into a career upgrade. Because a job description is a business document intended for internal use, its format obscures the value proposition inherent in the opportunity. In short, a job description masquerading as a job ad speaks to the wrong audience.

Targeting All/Unknown Audience
a job description is a business document. It doesn't have any “curb appeal” for your career-minded target demographic. It doesn't describe what these individuals care about most: what your opportunity has to offer them. During the recruiting outreach stage, you're the seller (and usually a desperate one at that); and the individuals you seek are the buyers.

A well-conceived marketing strategy, you have to understand the buying patterns of the demographic you’re trying to influence. With job advertising, you want your offer to appeal to top performers. Luckily, what top performers want is predictable — it’s etched in stone. Every top performer looks for the following criteria in a job opportunity — otherwise you are not talking to a top performer

Top Performer looks for
-Important work
-Major Responsibility
-Roadmap for Success
-Talented Team
-Excellent Organization

Next time when you get call from your client/internal team think what you have to do get candidates-Job Ad/Job Description....

Always use Right Brain and dont get panic attack when you dont get candidates ....

First thing analyze the job and take more time to research on job boards and similar sites to know more about technology/job will help you to get better candidates and be always talk to candidates with information about the role and also be a advisor to the candidates and please dont do customer care representative talk as they are getting it from every other recruiter .Be always a solution provider to the candidates

               Happy Hunting......


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