Saturday, August 20, 2011

How to identify Good job boards?

Today when i was doing google search on word"Job Board" i was able to search results of different job boards on general and specific boards meeting the needs of industry,while this i was thinking backwards 10 yrs ago the job boards are few and costly and we always want to utilize the job posting effectively because every posting cost a dime and my boss looks red face when he doesn't see any output on the job posting,so we carefully coin words in job posting ,research on job description,giving attractive subject line so to attract potential talent,i remember myself spent lot of time in researching for job description as it is one tool which attracts passive talent,triggers non looker for job to admire for job ...It was fun and exciting those times ..

Now seeing lot of job boards catering to every single soul on the planet for jobs /looking for jobs ,but the question comes to me how much board are we to subscribe ,it is million boards and being recruiter needs to do thorough analyze on job boards befor buying it. It all looks attrative but once starts using it whether it is boon  or bane need to checked

I figured some points on identitying job board where i ran through my thoughts ,let me share your points as well for the benefit of recruiting life

1) Look and Feel :
  A board which has clean design without too many pop ups and easy navigation of the web

2) Is if recruiter friendly :
  I seen some job board where it takes million pages to do a job posting asking hundred questions rather it is friendly to give contact details of recruiter and make it KISS process(Keep it Short and Simple)

3)Search Capabilities:
  Is the job board able to understand search strings and share results most matching rather than throwing   garbage

4) Connected to Social Media :
   Today most boards give details of passive candidates connected with linkedin and other social media
network,do need to validate the board is it connected any of social media networks

5) Job Posting is simple :
 Also need to check the job posting process is simple where boards have complicated process of posting which takes almost half hour to complete which is not healthy job board ,best to drop the job boards

6) Job Board Life :
   Check how long the job board ,more the oldness of board it is better to invest as it understand recruitment   business well


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