Saturday, March 10, 2012

How to find Passive Professionals ??

I was working through couple of my internal positions stating it is niche skill /passive or hiding and are not visible in any job board as most of the professionals  are happy in their current role except few who look for better pastures.

Now every recruiter has this question ...

How do you find these Passive  Professionals who are hiding ..

Long time back  when i was new to recruitment, one of the organization where i worked they don't have job portals ,what they taught me is look beyond sourcing resumes away from these sites, be creative,use internet ,try to do networking with professionals,meet people in tech seminars and most important dont sit in office and source resumes , this will not happen,which is true.

What they practiced and taught me is of passive recruitment and that helped me to do till now not working thru portals,meeting people at seminars,keep myself about latest niche ones,sourcing thru social media etc.

I understand it is hard fact to go and meet people because of the timing in submission of profiles at faster turn around time but if you working for product development company, a recruiter has to stretch is horizon far and wide in attracting talent rather dumping himself on portals.

Tips which i wish to share if you are hiring Passive professionals.

a) Not easily accessible,if say recruiter they will vanish immediately
b) Dont talk about job openings to them at the time of introduction
c) Talk Technical,do try to be naive and get details about the    technologies before talking to him as mostly love that subject
d) Most technies love  video games, so talk about the games
e) Prepare yourself about latest technologies before talking to them
f) Talk about mobile gadgets
g) If chance ,ask about his personal life some might open up based on the   level of confidence he has on you
h) Prompt him if he has any job search in future.never ask present
i) If possible ask him to add you in his social network by that you are   accessible rather asking him   contact nos

I hope this thought process will help you in interacting with passive professionals

Happy Sourcing :)


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